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Royal Purple’s Max–Cycle motorcycle engine oil is formulated with select synthetic base oils and most importantly, Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology that makes the film strength stronger compared to other leading synthetic oils.

All of this leads to greater wear protection, rust / corrosion protection, clean and efficient engines and better overall performance.

Riders Club

Quality 9.7
Effectivness 9.7
Performance 9.4
Durability 9.1

The Road Test ratings are based on a 1 – 10 scale. 10 is excellent, 7 good, 4 fair and 1 poor.

"I recommend the Max-Cycle oil to everyone, because it goes beyond what Royal Purple says that it will do. I noticed a big improvement in the overall performance of my bike with lower heat and better shifting."

Robert Prouix, Cambridge, VT

"It seems to adhere to moving parts well, and I have even noticed that the engine noise is quieter. I also observed that my radiator fan does not kick on as often when riding in hot weather, which would indicate my engine is running cooler."

Barry Davidson, West Tawakoni, TX
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